Morning Roundup 8/13

View image | Tom Brady Sketch Mariners No-No IK Enemkpali Blue Jays Win (and the Cubs!) Tom Brady is in court today, which is interesting news because of his crazy-long suspension for maybe deflating balls, but what’s really  interesting is this sketch of him. The meme crazy internet took about .0003 seconds to pounce on this. My personal favorite is the ET version. Apparently the artist has actually apologized for the look, which leads me to say: why? It’s just a courtroom sketch! It was made quickly and it’s not really intended to be work of art, just the capturing of a moment! Sorry? The only thing you have to be sorry for, sketch person, is bringing extra joy into the world. Hisashi Iwakuma tossed a no-hitter yesterday against the Orioles. The Mariners are… not good, but everybody can get excited about a no-no. This reminds me a little bit of the Cole Hammels no-hitter last month: veteran pitcher on a team way out of contention just putting together something special to give the team and the fans something to cheer about. Unfortunately for Phillies fans, Hammels was gone before his next start. Maybe for the Mariners this is a little hope for next year. IK Enemkpali (better known as the guy who destroyed Geno Smith’s jaw) has been picked up by the–drumroll please–BILLS! Is Rex Ryan trolling the Jets? (yes) Does it even matter that this guy is 6th round pick who was already on the brink of being cut before this outburst? (no.) Is there any soap opera more interesting in all of football than the spite-fest that is...

Morning Roundup 8/12

Geno Smith MLB home teams win ALL.THE.GAMES.  Ray Rice getting another shot?  Geno Smith gets sucker-punched by own teammate; out 6-10 weeks. What an unreal story. I’ve been seeing a lot of long-time reporters — 20, 30 years in the biz — saying this is the most bizarre training camp/locker room story they’ve seen. It’s hard to imagine this happening on teams with winning cultures. I don’t agree that the Jets are the only club this could happen to; I could see it with the Raiders, Jags, hell, any team that consistently loses and has high turnover in the coaching ranks. But, there’s no chance you see this happen on the Colts, Pats, Broncos, Seahawks. Winning cures all football ills. And look at the ‘Hawks — it only takes a couple years to really turn things around. Jets can do it, probably not with Geno at the helm. For the first time ever, all 15 home teams won in the MLB last night. It’s happened with fewer teams playing, but this is the first time it’s happened with a full slate. The Mariners won in extras, the Twins won on a walk-off. Exciting times in baseball, folks! Speaking of baseball, I don’t want to jinx them, but the Jays are up to nine in a row, beating the A’s last night. We’ll continue giving them a sentence or two a day until they lose, at which point we’ll erase any many of their name from The Split Decision. (Not true, but I’m definitely rooting for them!) Ray Rice back in orange? First of all, I hate that it’s the Browns, and...

Morning Roundup 8/11

Johnny Cueto / Ohio State / Tristan Thompson Johnny Cueto won his home debut last night in Kansas City, shutting out the Detroit Tigers and increasing the Royal’s already impressive lead in the AL Central. The Royals at this point are 12 games up on the Twins and looking so dominant. Scary to think that the team that just barely snuck into the post-season last year and then ran wild to the World Series is currently the first or second most dominant in baseball. With a guy like Cueto throwing that stinky cheese, it seems like the sky is the limit. Ohio State is set to be double-digit favorites in every single regular season game. This is either a sign of impressive dominance, or a sign of a pathetic Big 10. In my mind, it’s somewhere in the middle. A quick look through the schedule shows that the only real threat to them this year will probably be Michigan State, but after watching Ohio State rampage through the playoffs last year, I doubt Sparty will have what it takes to stop them. At this point, the only question about Ohio State is which QB will get the chance to be the wrecking ball of college football. Tristan Thompson might be heading into his last year with the Cavs according to ESPN. The Cavs, already strapped for cash and WAY over the luxury tax limit might hit Thompson with a one year deal, which Thompson says will make this his last year with Cleveland. Dang. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a player lay down an ultimatum like that, especially...

Morning Roundup – Weekend Edition

Jeremy – Black Jonny – Red ~ Football is back! 1) VIKES WIN! Teddy Bridgewater was 5-6 for 44 yards, with a couple nice (albeit short) completions to Kyle Rudolph. Love that he’s back this year. 2) Does any of this actually matter? IMO, all that matters is if starters look solid. Last night, the Vikes first team offense certainly did for one drive. However, the Steelers didn’t really play any starters. So for our purposes (and my purposes as a Vikings fan), none of this means jack squat. Preseason football is almost cruel. It looks like football. It sounds like football. But then you watch it and realize that Ohio State could probably beat either of these backup squads. Seriously. That said, Bridgewater looked good. I like young guys like Teddy; he’s like the anti-RG3. Humble, works hard, not flashy. I think he could develop to be a top 10 QB. “Like.” ~ Blue Jays are streaking. They’ve won, what, 8 in a row? Who’d a thunk that a major trade deadline overhaul would actually do something for the Jays! They added a bunch of new starters, which is rare in baseball trades, and it has actually worked. Half of those 8 were against the quickly-fading Twins, but 3 came against the division rival Yanks. Is it gonna happen for them this year? I love this with my whole heart because A) Canada, B) Anybody but the Yankees, and C) Is there a better mascot than a Blue Jay? I mean, maybe the Orioles. Something about weird birds is appealing to me. You know what’s not appealing? Freaking...

Morning Roundup 7/31

Carlos Gomez / David Price / Beijing Olympics Pretty slow news day out there, but lets jump right in… Carlos Gomez is really on the move this time! Just days after his “the trade is fina–wait, never mind” with the Mets, Gomez is officially a member of the Houston Astros. At the time of this posting, the front page of has the headline “Astros Look like AL Favorites” above the fold. That’s madness. The guys in Houston deserve a TON of credit for this rebuild project that has turned one of the most embarrassing teams in the league into a team that is now favored over the Angels and the MLB equivalent of JJ Watt–the one and only Mike Trout. David Price is a Blue Jay! With the addition of Tulo and Price, a casual MLB fan might assume that the Blue Jays are in first place and looking to solidify their position for a deep post-season run. Meanwhile, in the real world, the Jays are 6 games back of the Yankees in the AL East and 2 games out of the wildcard. That’s what makes these moves even better! The Blue Jays believe in themselves, to the point that they’ve gone all in on Tulo and Price, all on faith that they’ll sneak in! I love this, I love Canada, and I love baseball at the deadline. Beijing becomes the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics after winning their bid to hose the 2022 games. Look, everybody watches the Olympics, so I’m not going to trash the games, but the whole process of choosing...

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